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Discover Children’s Ballet Theatre

Children’s Ballet Theatre was founded in 1969 and is one of the leading dance institutions in Salt Lake City.

At CBT, we believe dance is an art form where all talents can be beautiful and appreciated. As gifted children’s teachers and choreographers, we are dedicated to providing a school where each child is loved and welcomed, and where they can express themselves openly and freely through movement and choreography.

About Children’s Ballet Theatre

Located within the Salt Lake valley, Children’s Ballet Theatre is the most comprehensive dance facility within the Salt Lake Area. We have 7 large studios and a full-sized black box theatre which allows our students to have the opportunity to do professional runs of performances as well as choreograph and produce their own shows.

The principal aim of CBT is to provide its students with proper, qualified instruction in the performing arts. With this development comes poise, agility and grace of movement.

According to our Founder, and Director, Julie Orlob, “Ballet is, first and foremost, a performing art.” It was with this philosophy that Julie first opened her beautiful school in 1969.

While it is a school, CBT also provides the thrill of performing—the make-up, the lights, and the audiences. Here, at CBT, we feel that only through carefully planned performances can a child develop a strong love for, and appreciation of the performing arts. CBT is dedicated to providing as many quality performance opportunities as possible to our young performers.

CBT is strongly dedicated to the correct training of its students. Technique must be introduced at the right age and is of paramount importance in the education of dancers. It ensures faultless technique and distinction of styles, whereas errors permitted at the beginning of dance training become increasingly serious impediments as the student progresses. At CBT, our syllabi have been developed over 50 years of experience and are taught throughout each level of our curriculum.

The teachers at Children’s Ballet Theatre have a vast range of experience across disciplines and are trained to ensure each child is receiving correct teaching to reach their full potential. Our collective approach is to share our love of dance while being supportive and encouraging.

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Weekly Classes

Making Dreams Come True Since 1969

Our Vision

CBT’s vision is to have a world where all children can experience the magic of the Performing Arts.

The arts allow our children to express themselves in a way that is meaningful to them. At CBT there are no competition scores for perfectly executed steps, trophies for doing it right, or philosophy that only the best get to participate.

At CBT, a child’s vision and expression cannot be right or wrong. It is theirs to share openly and honestly and can be appreciated by all who are privileged to see it.

The arts build character, acceptance, confidence and friendship. Our vision is to create a world where everyone can be enriched by one another’s thoughts and ideas through the Performing Arts.

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Our Directors

The Children’s Ballet Theatre only hires a faculty of qualified, dedicated and child friendly teachers who have a range of skills they can share with our students. Each of our teachers is trained and mentored by our CBT Directors.

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Julie Orlob

Founder & Director

Julie’s love for dance began as child in Ogden, Utah. She received the William Christensen Scholarship to attend the U of U to train under their esteemed faculty. While attending the U of U she began teaching their out reach classes and found her desire to teach young children to dance and perform.

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Stacey Orlob Richins


Stacey began her training at CBT when she was 3 years old. Pre-ballet was magical to her and ignited her love for dancing. As she grew in the school her fascination for the technical aspect of ballet furthered her desire to dance. When she was 16 she taught her first pre-ballet class at CBT and was hooked on teaching.