dance teacher Salt Lake

Stacey Orlob Richins



Stacey began her training at CBT when she was 3 years old.

Pre-ballet was magical to her and ignited her love for dancing. As she grew in the school, her fascination for the technical aspect of ballet furthered her desire to dance.

When she was 16, Stacey taught her first pre-ballet class at CBT and was hooked on teaching. She loves sharing her passion for both the creative and technical side of dance. After graduating from CBT Stacey received the William Christensen Scholarship to attend the U of U’s Ballet Department where she trained under their esteemed faculty, and prepared herself to train CBT’s amazing dancers.

In 2005, Stacey received the U of U’s Young Alumni Par Excellence Award for her outstanding service to the community and professional achievement. CBT is her passion and she loves going to work every day!