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“The heady essence of theatre falls magically upon each child.”

Ballet is, first and foremost, a performing art,” states CBT’s founder, Julie Orlob. While it is a school, the Children’s Ballet Theatre also provides the thrill of performing—the makeup, the lights, and the audiences.
Through performing, CBT’s dancers learn discipline, teamwork and the importance of preparation through their hard work to achieve an amazing final outcome.

Julie feels that only through carefully planned performances can a child develop a strong love for and appreciation of dance. As a gifted children’s choreographer and teacher, Julie is dedicated to providing as many quality performance opportunities to our dancers as possible.

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Concerts and Showcases

Step out on stage

Children’s Ballet Theatre provides opportunities throughout the year for students to perform for an audience. We believe this is an important part of our students dance education and encourage all students to experience the excitement of showcasing their work.

Full-Length Ballets

CBT offers incredible performing opportunities for all of our students

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