Upper Division Summer

Ages 11 - 18 (by placement/audition only)

Summer is an exciting time for our upper division students.  It is a chance to live the life of a real dancer who spends her day improving her strengths, tackling her weakness and diving her complete self into the amazing world of dance.

Summer Intensive

We advance our students into the next level’s syllabus starting in the summer. Therefore, students who participate in the summer intensive have an “upper edge” on those who are unable to participate. Our Summer Intensive is designed to progress students at a rapid rate and to give them a well rounded background in all dance styles. We hope everyone will take advantage of the summer intensive – it is so rewarding to begin the fall session with everyone at a high level of technique. Students may choose to come to every class every day or they can choose to do fewer classes – ONE RULE though! You must participate in the first ballet technique class of the day in order to take any of the other classes that day – the Jazz, Character, etc. teachers teach class on the assumption that the dancers have already warmed for the day.

*Our Intermediate students have the option of moving into our Intro to Pointe class or remaining in our Intermediate program. Students who choose to take the Intermediate Intro to Pointe class on Thursdays are required to take a minimum of 3 days a week during the summer intensive, and will continue to take 3 times a week in the fall.

IYT – Improve Your Technique (June 12- July 12)

*Prep 1 and above

Hands down, the best summer workshop ever! We love IYT. We can’t believe the improvement in the students who participate in this workshop each summer. There isn’t enough room to express the value of this class. Students get hands on, personalized corrections from Ms. Stacey and selected staff members to help each dancer personally improve in the areas which they struggle. (students must be in Prep 1 and above and must participate in the Summer Intensive.)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday  1:00-2:30pm

How to take a Great Audition

There are tricks to taking a good audition. Learning to audition is a skill that must be taught and practiced just like learning to do a good double pirouette. In this camp we will help CBT’s students learn the ins and outs of taking a good audition for a part in a show. How to develop a character quickly, how to do improvisations confidently, how to slate, and how to learn routines quickly – all this and more will be taught so that our students can feel confident when they go to an audition.

July 1                        10:30am-1:00pm

Just Dance!

Sometimes don’t you just want to dance – to spin, to leap, and jump and have your body just feel the rhythm? In Just Dance - we are going to do just that! We’ll work on our own choreography, have a glow-in-the-dark Dance Party and a demonstration for our parents at the end. We’ll also learn fun dances in Ballet, Jazz and Character – something you could even use for an upcoming talent show!

June 19-21            3:00-5:30pm

Summer Dance Camp – Swan Lake!

CBT’s most favorite summer program of all – nobody wants to be left out of dance camp! A week-long experience that develops a dancer’s true love for the art dance. Dancers take daily dance classes in ballet, jazz, modern, character, and pilates. Then they have daily workshops in choreography, music, costume and prop design, nutrition and anatomy. And to finish it all off they study a famous ballet, this year we will be studying the beautiful classical ballet of “Swan Lake,” which is so exciting since this year’s spring performance will be the “Swan Princess!”

Prep 1 & Prep 1 Pre- Pointe  

July 25-28            9:30am-4:00pm

July 28-29            Dancers are invited to sleep over 

Prep 2-5

August 7-10            Sleep over all week

Advanced & Company

July 31-Aug 4                        Sleep over all week


All ballerinas LOVE to perform, and love to wear beautiful tutus! This summer give your dancer the experience of both at our Tutu Festival. This is a beautiful summer performance where all dancers who participate will perform in our professional theater wearing a beautiful tutu. Performance Date dates are July 21st & 22nd. Rehearsals will begin in June! (Students must register for, and attend, CBT’s Summer Intensive in order to participate.)    

Wednesday’s - 2:45-3:45pm (No class held Wednesday, July 19)

Final Rehearsals - Thursday, July 20 & Friday, July 21 - Times TBA

Performance - Saturday, July 22 - Times TBA


Musical Theater Workshops and Performance of “Beauty and the Beast Jr.”

We have LOVED adding Musical Theater to our summer program – and if you’ve seen our previous shows you know they’re fabulous. This year we will be doing “Beauty and the Beast” and we are so excited. Students will begin this program on July 8th from 10:00 am – 1:30 pm with auditions for all parts.   Singing & acting workshops will begin the week of July 10th , followed by dance workshops beginning July 25th .This wonderful program will culminate on September 22nd & 23rd with our production. *Students must be entering Kindergarten and above. PS friends and brothers can audition too – so tell everyone!

Auditions/Registration - July 8th - 10:00am-1:30pm


Musical Theatre Workshops & Rehearsals - July 10-Sept 21

Performances - Sept 22 & 23


Bring your friends, your brothers, tell everyone!


Choreography Concert 

*Prep 2 and above

This has been talked about as one of the favorite CBT shows each year!   Our Company students choreograph dances for our Upper Division students and together they create an amazing show all of their own. Performance fee due at time of auditions. Auditions Friday, August 11th 12:00 – 3:00 pm. Rehearsals August 14th – 25th times TBA. Performances August 26th.


Molly Mouse’s Sugar Plum Debut

Our holiday production is always a favorite and we hope to have all our students participate. Students in Basic levels and above are invited to audition and everyone will be given a part! Rehearsals begin the week of September 11th.  Students must be registered for Fall classes in order to participate.

Registration            Aug 29 & 30            4:00-6:30pm

Auditions            Sept 9

Performances            Dec 1-11


CBT Teacher Training Workshop

*Advanced and Company Only

We have so many wonderful students interested in the opportunity to train as teachers for CBT – we love it! In this week long workshop we will begin to train you as a CBT teacher and teach you all the ins and outs of passing on the beautiful legacy that CBT is known for. At the end of the workshop, students who show that they are ready for more training will be given the opportunity to train further as a teacher’s assistant during the 2017- 2018 year.

July 25-28            2:30-5:30

(trainees will be helping with camp)