CBT Policies

CBT Policies


Children’s Ballet Theatre Registration and Tuition

  • Registration, Tuition, Discounts, Withdrawals, Summer Temporary Holds

Guardian and Student Responsibilities

  • Notes, Dropping Off and Picking Up, Parking Lot Policy, Student Responsibilities

School Policies and Procedures

  • Dress Code, Personal Belongings, Absences, Make-up Classes, Observing Classes


  • About performances, performance contracts and fees

Children’s Conservatory of Music Piano Lessons

  • Registration and Tuition, changes made to account, make-up lessons, choosing lesson times


Please take a moment to read through this handbook and become familiar with CBT’s policies and procedures. Many of your questions about registration, tuition payments, performances and studio etiquette will be answered in these pages. If you have any remaining questions after reading through this handbook, please call us at (801) 487-0565. We will be happy to talk with you about your questions.

All policies and procedures in this handbook will remain in effect for all future sessions. You will be notified in writing if any changes occur. 


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Registration and Tuition


  • Registration for the start of Children's Ballet Theatre's year-long calendar, which begins in September, begins during the Advanced Fall Registration period held during the first part of July. This period runs for two weeks.
  • Advanced Fall Registration; Students who have attended during the summer do not pay the registration feel, students who have put their accounts on Temporary Hold in the Spring pay a minimal reactivation fee and all new students (see below) pay the full registration fee. After this two-week period, CBT will continue to accept registrations, however any registration turned in after that period will be required to pay the full registration fee.
  • New students are considered students who are registering for CBT for the first time or who have withdrawn from the school for one or more payment periods (including summer).
  • New students will pay a registration fee. The amount of the registration fee is determined by the date the student registers. Registration fees increase with each consecutive Payment Period throughout the year. Registration fees are per student, not per family.
  • New students will complete a Registration Form with financial information (see tuition below for details on tuition payments). This car will be kept on file while your student is enrolled as a student at CBT.
  • Upon completion of the Registration Form, students will complete a schedule card, which will indicate class choices for the current session. Schedule cards will be completed each summer for our September-May session and each spring for our summer session.
  • Upon completion of the Registration Card, each student/family will be given a Class and Tuition Reminder Card which will indicate tuition payment amounts, dates tuition will be charged for the year, and dates any changes to y9ur student account need to be submitted to CBT. If any changes are made to a student's schedule or family’s account that affect tuition amounts (i.e. adding/dropping class, sibling registering or withdrawing, etc.), a new class and tuition reminder card will be issued indicating the new tuition amounts.


  • As stated above, Children's Ballet Theatre runs on a year-long calendar beginning each September and ending in August.
  • For the convenience of our CBT families, tuition for the year is divided into 5 equal payments charged in September, November, January, March and June.
  • Tuition payments are set up on a payment contract via either by credit/debit Visa or Mastercard.
  • Once tuition has been charged it is non-refundable and non-transferable
  • New students registering after the start of any tuition payment date will have their tuition pro-rated for the remaining weeks in the payment period with the exception of summer camps which will be paid in full regardless of the registration date.
  • All returned payments will be charged a processing fee of $20, including returned checks, declined cards, invalid expiration dates, etc. It is your responsibility to make sure that the account you have chosen to have your tuition payments charged to is updated and contains the necessary funds on the specified processing dates. 
  • Any changes to your payment account must be made by completing a Change of Information form which must be submitted to CBT ten days before a new payment period begins (please see the Important Dates given to you upon registration for these dates).


  • Discounts do not apply to registration fees, performance fees or dance camps. 
  • A 5% discount applies when tuition is paid in two equal payments. With this option, any paid tuition is non-refundable if the student withdraws.
  • A 10% discount applies when tuition is paid in full at the first payment period (September). With this option, half of the pro-rated tuition will be refunded if the student withdraws. For example, if Molly withdraws during the first payment period, her parents will be refunded half of the tuition they have paid for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th payment periods.
  • Families with siblings enrolled will receive a 10$ discount on the combined tuition, a 12% discount if tuition is paid in two equal payments (see condition above) or a 15% discount if tuition is paid in full at the first payment period (see conditions above). Students must be siblings to receive this discount. Other family relationships do not qualify.

Student Withdrawals

  • In order to withdraw your student from CBT, you must submit a completed withdrawal form with signature to the CBT administration. This form must be received ten days before the next tuition payment date in order to have to have your withdrawal processed in time. After that date, tuition will be run for the following payment period and it is non-refundable. 
  • Temporary withdrawal requests, due to injuries, serious illness or unforeseen circumstances, are handled on a case-by-case basis and must be submitted in writing to Children's Ballet Theatre's Administration.

Summer Temporary Holds

  • CBT strongly encourages all of our students to join us in our summer session. It is a wonderful time to solidify all that was learned during the previous nine months and we find that students who take throughout the summer consistently progress more quickly through our program. Plus summer is so much fun with all the fun camps and workshops we offer! We do realize that summer is a busy time and not all of our CBT families can attend during summer. If this is the case, when summer is available, simply fill out a temporary hold card. This will put your student's account on hold and will only require a minimal reactivation fee when you register for Fall during Advanced Fall Registration period. If you miss this period, a full registration fee will be due.

Guardian and Student Responsibilities 

Guardian Responsibilities

  • Each parent/guardian is to be aware of all calendar dates, including tuition payment dates, studio activities, rehearsals, performances and studio closures. These dates will be sent home upon registration and will be posted at the studio and on the website.
  • Please watch for emails, letters and notices that your student brings home. They will provide you with important information regarding events, studio closures, rehearsals, performances and parties. Many of your questions will be answered simply by paying attention to these notes.
  • It is the parent/guardian responsibility to ensure that their student arrives to class at least 5 minutes early to prepare for class. For the safety of our students, any student who arrives after the first exercise of class has begun may be asked to watch class and may not be allowed to participate in physical activity. 

Dropping Off and Picking Up Policy

  • If your student's class is the first one of the morning (generally 10:00 AM) or afternoon (generally 4:15), please do not drop them off more than 10 minutes before class starts. CBT can only be responsible for your students when they are in class and not before or after. You are expected to be on time to pick up your student. You will be given a ten minute grace period to pick up your child or carpool. After ten minutes, you will be charged $1 per minute until you pick them up.

Parking Lot Policy

  • For the safety of our students, your children,PLEASE follow our parking/driving pattern. The traffic in the parking lot is ONE WAY ONLY!
  • Enter Only on the south side of the building and pull into a parking space to drop off/pick-up of your child. Do not stop along the side of the building. We are now considered part of the city where there is a “no idle” law. Students will enter and exit the building through the front main entrance for classes.
  • Exit Only on the north side of the building. Do not stop along the side of the building. Please do not drop your child off on this side; it will stop the flow of traffic and cause your child to dart out in front of other moving cars.
  • Please be respectful of our neighbors -- i.e. Frost Books, Gear Rush, Cactus & Tropicals -- do not use their parking lots and do not cut through their parking lots. Not only is this frustrating to them it is dangerous and illegal.
  • The North Side driveway is not our property and is a FIRE LANE!  Please follow the rules so we will be allowed to use it as a drive through.

Student Responsibilities

  • Each student is responsible for arriving to class ready to pay attention and work hard. Students must arrive on time to class and may not loiter in the hallways.
  • Students are responsible for picking up after themselves including making sure that all garbage and leftover food items make it into the garbage cans and not left in hallways, on benches or in studios. CBT reserves the right to not allow food in the building if this rule is not observed. 

School Policies and Procedures

Dress Code

For over 40 years CBT has trained in the classical tradition. Our dress code has been implemented to emphasize uniformity, discipline and a sense of professional ballet grooming. If you have any questions about the following guidelines, please visit us in the office for clarification.

  • Hair must be tied back and secured to the student's head in a bun. If hair is too short for a bun, please use pins, clips or headbands to keep it off the face.
  • Students are not allowed to take class in street clothes, however street clothes should be worn outside of the studio.
  • No gum, food or drinks (except water bottles) are allowed during class.
  • Pre-Ballet and Pre-Technique (2 1/2 years old- 1st grade): any color/style of leotard, white or pink ballet tights with feet, white or pink ballet slippers (leather or canvas, no cloth slippers; no black slippers for girls). Tutus/skirts are allowed. Tutus and/or skirts are allowed. Please no “Nude” camisole leotards in class.  These should be considered an undergarment and only worn in performances.
  • Beginning Technique and above (2nd grade and above): Any style black leotard (no attached skirts), white or pink ballet tights with feet, white or pink ballet slippers (no black slippers for girls). Skirts only allowed when permitted by the teacher.
  • Boys: White t-shirt, black shorts or tights, white socks, black ballet slippers.
  • Character Class (Academic Level and above): Any style black leotard, white or pink ballet tights with feet, black character shoes with 3/4-1 inch heels, character skirts (optional). Academic students in Intro to Character are not required to have character shoes. NO street clothes allowed!
  • Jazz Class (Intermediate Level and above): Any style black leotard, black jazz pants, black jazz shoes.
  • Pilates Class (Prep 1 and above): Any style black leotard, black dance pants or ballet tights and bare feet. NO pajamas! NO street clothes are allowed! 
  • Where to purchase dance clothes:
    • Dancewear Inc. (801) 466-3049
      • You can also find ballet shoes at Payless Shoes. Dancewear can also be found at places like Target and Walmart.
  • Character Shoes:
    • Wright's Costume Shop
      • State Street and 4800 South
      • (801) 266-5999
  • Musical Theatre Classes: Nice casual attire. Socks and shoes are not allowed in the studios.
  • Piano Lessons: Nice casual attire.
  • Concerts: “Sunday Best”
    • Girls- a dress and nice shoes.
    • Boys- dress pants, dress shirt and nice shoes.

Personal Belongings

  • Buy your student a dance bag! Please make sure your student's bag is large enough to keep everything in it and that your student only brings items necessary for class.
  • Please write your student's name in their shoes, skirts, bags, etc. This makes it easier for us to reunite items with their owners.
  • Lost and Found: There is a lost and found at the studio. If your student loses something, that's a good place to look first. smaller items like jewelry and watches can be found in the office. ALL unclaimed items will be donated to charity at the first of each month.

Absences and Make-up Classes

  • Make-up lessons are not available for piano students.
  • No refunds will be given for missed dance classes. Make-up classes are available for dance students upon request with the following stipulations:
    • All make-up classes must be made up within the same payment period the class was missed.
    • Students with four or more absences during one payment period may be moved back a class level.
    • CBT reserves the right to take away the privilege of make-up classes if that privilege is abused.
    • Make-up classes must be arranged with the office ahead of time in order for the teachers to be notified.

Observing Class

In order to provide your student with the best class possible, CBT strongly encourages parents/guardians to leave the building during class time, especially if they have other children with them. Young students have a difficult time concentrating in class when they have an audience peeking through the windows or if the noise in the hallway is too loud. CBT reserves the right to ask parents/guardians to exit the building during class time, if we feel students are not able to focus in class, due to the noise in the hallway.

We understand that you may want to see how your child is doing in class. Therefore, parents/guardians may choose one class per payment period to come into the studio and observe class. 

The following rules must be observed during a parent observation period:

  • Parents/guardians must arrange an observation with the office prior to observing.
  • Young children and babies are not allowed to observe.
  • Food and drink are NOT allowed in the studios.

Performances and Performance Fees


All of CBT’s performances take place here in our very own Julie Layne Theatre. CBT students, depending on their age, have a number of performance opportunities throughout the year. We encourage all of our dances to participate because it is a wonderful experience and students have so much fun. CBT feels that performance is a critical aspect of your student's ballet education and there is much to be learned from the whole experience including learning and remembering choreography, auditioning, participating in rehearsals and performing in a professional theater. However, we know it is not always possible for every student to participate, therefore performing is optional. (Performing is not required to advance through CBT’s program). Our students have the opportunity to participate in the following performances:

  • Pre-Ballet Spring Concert: Students ages 2 1/2-5 (pre-Kindergarten) perform in their very own short story ballet. This show is performed in late spring (usually May or June). This show is a fun 30-45 minute show that introduces our youngest dancers to performing. Older students in our Advanced and Company level classes also participate in this show as helpers to our littlest ballerinas.
  • Lower and Upper Division Spring Concert: Students in Kindergarten and above participate in the "big show" -- a full length story ballet in early spring ("Cinderella," "Sleeping Beauty," etc). This is a wonderful show with scenery and costumes all made by CBT, professional lighting design and of course our beautiful dancers.
  • "Molly Mouse's Sugar Plum Debut": Molly Mouse is our annual holiday production that is performed in early December in our theater. Students in 3rd grade and above are invited to audition for this performance (all who audition receive a part).
  • Tutu Festival: 
  • Choreography Concert: Company Level students choreograph pieces of various dance styles for our students in Prep 2 level and above to perform at our theater in September. This is a fun show where our older students get to showcase their choreography skills and dance vision.

Performance Contracts and Fees

Signed performance contracts and performance fees are required in order for students to participate in CBTs productions. Performance contracts are required so that CBT can make necessary preparations for our productions. Knowing who is performing is important. A performance fee is required to help offset the cost of the productions (i.e. hall rentals, insurance, costumes, programs, etc). CBT has all of the costumes for every production; therefore you do not need to purchase costumes. Your "costume rental" fee is included in your performance fee. Performance fees for Molly Mouse are due in August, fees for Spring Concerts are due in February and Choreography Concert fee is due during the summer session. Performance fees are non-refundable.

The Conservatory of Music Piano Lessons

Registration and Tuition

  • Payments of Tuition are monthly 30 min & 45 min Lessons
  • A registration fee is due upon registration. Students who continue throughout the year will only pay the book fee for subsequent years.
  • A yearly book fee is due upon registration.
  • Tuition is paid one month is advance by automatic withdrawal from a checking account or credit card account during the first week of each month for the tuition amount listed above.
  • Tuition is non- refundable and non-transferable.
  • All NSF transactions will be charged a $20 NSF fee.

Changes to Account

  • If a change needs to made to your payment method  (i.e. change of payment type, address, name on account, etc.), it will need to be made 1 month prior to the change if possible.
  • If you need to withdraw your student from The Children’s Conservatory of Music entirely, please complete and sign a withdrawal form 1 month prior to withdrawal.

Make Up Lessons

  • Teachers for The Children’s Conservatory of Music is contracted to be at every lesson regardless of the student’s attendance, therefore make-up lessons will not be allowed.

Choosing of Lesson Times

  • Please provide the Children’s Conservatory of Music three lesson times in order of preference that would best fit your schedule, CCM will then notify you with your lesson time. Be sure to record your lesson time on the reminder card provided at the time of registration.