Julie Orlob

Directress, Founder, Artistic Director

Julie believes, “Ballet is, first and foremost, a performing art,” It was with this philosophy that Julie started the school in 1969.  While it is a school, CBT also provides the thrill of performing – the make-up, the lights, and the audiences.  The heady essence of theatre falls magically upon each child. There are many who believe that performing should be in a recital format where children stand in a straight line and perform a sequence of steps.  CBT disagrees.  Dancers should move throughout the space and learn to create visual patterns and scenes for the audience to appreciate. Other schools believe that performing should be a competitive sport.  CBT disagrees.  Ballet is an art form where all talents can be beautiful and appreciated. CBT feels that only through carefully planned performances can a child develop a strong love for, and appreciation of dance.  As a gifted children’s choreographer, Julie is dedicated to providing as many quality performance opportunities as possible to young dancers.