Parking Lot Policy

MAP New ParkingCBT is so lucky to reside in our new home and we would like to remind you that our policies about parking are VERY IMPORTANT!

For the safety of our students, your children, PLEASE follow our parking driving pattern. Since this is all new please be patient while we all get a feel for how this will work best. The traffic in the parking lot is ONE WAY ONLY!

Cars Enter Only on the south side of the building and pull into a parking space to drop off/pick-up of your child. Do not stop along the side of the building. We are now considered part of the city where there is a “no idle” law. Students will enter and exit the building through the front main entrance for classes.

Cars Exit Only on the north side of the building. Do not stop along the side of the building. Please do not drop your child off on this side; it will stop the flow of traffic and cause your child to dart out in front of other moving cars.

Please be respectful of our neighbors — i.e. Frost Books, Gear Rush, Cactus & Tropicals– do not use their parking lots and do not cut through their parking lots. Not only is this frustrating to them it is dangerous and illegal.

Also, The North Side driveway is not our property and is a FIRE LANE.  Please follow the rules so we will be allowed to use it as a drive through.

Thank You!