Class Schedule

Young Dancers Class Schedule

PreBallet – PreTechnique

To our youngest students the studio is a magical place.  Pre-ballet is a time for our dancers to explore and create and to express themselves through movement.  Freedom of movement and expression is emphasized in all pre-ballet classes.  A child’s imagination becomes a reality. The everyday activities of running, walking and spinning provide the dancers with the opportunity to use their whole bodies.  These natural actions are the starting point of dance.

Young Dancers Schedule

Lower Division Class Schedule

 Beginning – Intermediate

Children’s Ballet Theatre’s program for beginners comprises correct placement of body, feet, head, and arms and the study of the five basic positions and of the elementary movements stemming from them.  Also, correct articulation of techniques and development of music and movement are emphasized.  As the dancers progresses through our levels emphasis is placed on completing the students knowledge of all of the academic technical skills.

 Lower Division Schedule

Upper Division Class Schedule

Preparatory – Company (by Placement/Audition only)

Children’s Ballet Theatre’s upper division dancers gradually learn more complex steps including multiple turns, quick petite allegro, batterie, and grand allegro. The exercises are performed at a more rapid tempo and dance sequences are longer to build stamina and strength. Students also progress en pointe during this time. As the student progresses to advanced work, technical requirements become more exacting: pointe work, variations, and rehearsals for CBT productions are added to the curriculum. The technical skills learned during these years at CBT are designed to “finish” the elementary ballet students, preparing them to enter college and professional programs.

Upper Division Schedule